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About Us

At SunFeather, our name unites the warmth and light of the sun with the soft and gentle sensations of a feather. We produce artisanal products that enlighten the senses and nurture good health and happiness. Our feather symbolizes a quill pen or communication and it’s important to for us to share our products and philosophy with you.


Making Scents

Artisanal products are made in small quantities by traditional methods. We adhere to the tenets of the “slow” movement, which began with food and are expanding to skin care and cosmetics. The slow movement encourages tradition, and a hands-on approach to production. The Slow Community is grassroots—not organized or controlled by any one organization. SunFeather products are a perfect example of slow, hands-on production. Everything we produce is made methodically in small 25-100 lb. batches. Our attention to detail and high quality, pure product ingredients define our work each day.


Coming Clean

Our fine natural soaps, creams and balms are made from healthful organic ingredients such as: freshly pressed olive and avocado oils from the Mediterranean; edible coconut, palm, and castor oils from the Pacific Rim; sustainably-harvested fair trade shea butter from Africa; and dried herbs, botanicals, naturally derived colorants, essential and nature identical oils, butters and waxes from around the globe. All of our products are hand packaged with labels we design. Artistry is a very important component of our work. The color, texture, and scent palletes that we create must integrate artistic form and practical function. Bringing new ideas to life and sharing them with our customers is part of our passion for the slow work ethic we enjoy.